NAGi arts is an organization committed to preserving and championing traditional Balinese arts and culture. We provide a community-centered space in which each generation, young and old, can be introduced to the art and music of Balinese culture. Through engagement in the arts, we believe each person can develop sensitivity of feeling, discipline, and appreciation for the beauty which sustains our communities and relationships. This deep sensibility, known in Bali as “Yadnya,” has been cultivated by Balinese artists for generations. Through NAGi, we hope to be a preserving force for traditional Balinese music and culture, while promoting innovation and new ideas from the artists of the next generation and beyond. Education for the youth is core element of our mission. Young people are the future of Bali and of our world. With a strong foundation in traditional music and art, we hope the young people studying today will become the artists who carry the music of Bali into the future, with the spirit of Balinese art fused into their hearts and souls.

NAGi, short for Naradha Gita, is rich with meanings, ancient and modern. Sri Naradha was an ancient heroic priest, known for wandering the countryside with a lute called “Vina,” singing songs of praise and devotion to Lord Vishnu. Gita is a general term for instruments, songs and praise. By bringing these ancient meanings into the modern context, NAGi seeks to bridge our deep feeling for the music and art of the past with the collaborations, ideas, and innovations necessary to sustain Balinese art into the 21 st century.

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