Nagi is an abbreviation of Naradha Gita. A forum that aims to express the creativity of art and culture, exchanging ideas and experiences, especially the younger generation by the spirit of “Yadnya” and a genuine devotion to art and culture of Bali in particular. The purposes are also for the promotion of services, interest & talent development, especially to children, young generations and to improve the quality of art, especially for traditional Balinese arts and also modern collaboration.

The word “Naradha” is taken from the name of a priest “Rsi Naradha”, which has an important role in the purana stories, especially Bhagawata Purana. Naradha narrated as a priest who likes to wander, which always brings a musical instrument known as the “Vina”, which is used to deliver a song of praise, prayers and mantras as an act of devotion to the “God Vishnu”. And the “Gita” is defined as a song, praise and musical instruments.